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Blooming Beetham!

The new retail extension at Beetham Nurseries is now open for business. MGA designed the building to create an enjoyable visitor experience that features a series of new indoor and outdoor areas which together house a food shop, garden furniture display and homewares section. The new area blends in seamlessly with the existing building but also offers a fresh space for visitors to explore.

The design of three distinct areas disguises the scale of the development – around 530sqm – with each giving on to a separate outside patio before linking together to lead into the wider outdoor sales area and restaurant.MGA has collaborated extensively with Beetham Nurseries to help develop the business into new ventures – including the popular restaurant and café which now attracts visitors in its own right.

Over the last ten years, we’ve incorporated a number of new additions, all of which have contributed to the creation of a cohesive and structured expansion of the site.We’re lucky that the team at Beetham were quick to recognise the benefits of investing in high-quality building design that would encourage customers to spend and return time and time again – something that is especially important in what has traditionally been a business with seasonal troughs and peaks.In fact, by using clever design integrated with simple adaptable structures, it’s often possible to create affordable buildings that are no more costly than some of large-scale repetitive developments we see so often today.

MGA Director and the Project Architect for Beetham Nurseries Paul Duckett:

"I believe that Private garden centres need to deliver a sense of occasion and provide a unique experience that makes customers want to see, do, buy and, importantly, seek to return and discover something new next time.

We aimed to create this sense of occasion at Beetham Nursery, through a series of exciting individual buildings that we have designed over the past 10 years. This has culminated with the latest retail building, where we have achieved inspirational design, which is both exciting and yet affordable in a commercial context."

The new retail spaces are spacious and light with a simple palette of materials to create an enjoyable retail experience where so often these types of buildings can be cramped and poorly lit.

For more information on the completed project at Beetham:

Mason Gillibrand Architects have a proven track record of exciting and innovative garden centre and garden nursery design across the North of England.

If you have a project you want to discuss, please call Paul on 01524 771377 or email

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