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Happy endings.....

We love working with clients to help them realise their dream homes. Some projects can be completed relatively quickly, while others - especially those involving the painstaking restoration of listed buildings - can take a little longer to reach the final furlong.

We're approaching the close of two such projects at the moment. In many ways, they couldn't be more different - one new build and one historic renovation - but the results are both nothing short of amazing.

The first project is the complete renovation and extension to a rather run down farmhouse in the Ribble Valley. The second, a large contemporary new build house in North Lancashire. Although the design approach to each was very different, the process in both cases followed the same simple design philosophy:

1. The arrival experience

2. Maximising the relationship between home and garden

3. Creating exciting living spaces, keeping the principles of light and space at the heart of the design.

4. Creating high quality interiors, bringing together high quality design, high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

5. Creating functional and beautiful spaces for people to enjoy

Whether the project is new or old, big or small, we are passionate about good design, getting the basic principles right and achieving the high level of finish that our clients aspire to.

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