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Biomass update

As many people will be aware, the commercial RHI tariff for small scale biomass boilers hit a further ‘degression’ trigger this month. This means that the tariff will reduce by a further 5% for Tier 1 (4.18p/kWh) and Tier 2 (1.11p/kWh), and follows a similar reduction in the Domestic RHI scheme (with a further 10% reduction due from October 1st to 6.43p/kWh). It happened much earlier than expected, particularly as the last reduction was only made in July.

The good news is that in spite of these changes, we are still finding that biomass represents a good option for many of our clients, both domestic and non-domestic, especially when compared to the fossil fuel alternatives. While pay-back periods have been stretched as the result of the new tariffs, those looking at the scheme over the longer term are still favouring biomass over other technologies. On many of our projects, we recommend that our in-house Mechanical Services and Renewable Energy Engineer, Stuart Harvey, undertake a ‘Green Feasibility Study’ for your site, which will set out the green energy options and the likely pay-back periods for each technology.

For more information about your options with renewable energy:

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