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Reaching new highs at the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa

We are absolutely delighted with the results of our labours at the recently completed Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa on the banks of Windermere. The new state of the art spa and health club are already receiving great reviews.

I am sure you will agree that those views of Windermere from the spa takes some beating.


'Newly built areas stunning but very much in keeping with local environment.'

Above: The new luxury Winander Club building with stunning views and contemporary interiors.


'First impressions- wow! As we drove onto the car park at the rear you immediately see the improvements. The car park had plenty of spaces so no worry about parking issues. There are a few disabled spaces right at the front of the hotel. That is where the main reception is. There are disabled spaces at the back too.

When you walk through the rear of the hotel from the car park the hotel is so modern and looks fabulous.'


'The gym, pool facilities in the leisure club were also great and they are just about to open additional outdoor hot tubs,saunas and outdoor pool which will be brilliant additions. The finish of the hotel throughout, especially in the newly refurb sections is outstanding and the views of Lake Windermere are breathtaking.'

For more information on the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa, click here:

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