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Christina's year out experience

As she heads to Liverpool to start her post-graduate diploma, Christina gave a review of her year out at MGA:

After a year at Mason Gillibrand I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and hands-on experience. I was welcomed into the office through the annual office trip – a very fun and inspiring visit to Utrecht!

From then on I have been helped by everyone to understand what it is like to work in an Architect’s office. After three conceptual years at university, this reality is very different but not to say a lot more fun and eventful! I value all hand-on experience, site visits and great involvement

I have had in the many different projects. The experience of seeing what you draw and model to actually become realised and built has been a good inspiration and something I will remember the following years back at university.

I will miss my time here but hope to keep in touch and get inspiring updates on projects I have been involved in. Thank you for my time and welcome to Matt and Lucy!

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