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The project was managed superbly well by MGA who were  always on hand to provide well considered advice and resolve any matters in a highly professional and calm manner making this major change in our lives a very pleasant experience

We have expertise in renewable energy and can offer our clients an independent view on the suitability of each 'green' technology for a particular site or building.


We have expertise on the following technologies:-


• BioMass: Wood pellet and Wood chip boilers

• Ground Source Heat Pumps

• Air Source Heat Pumps

• Hydro turbines

• Solar Photovoltaic Panels

• Solar Collectors

• CHP Units

• Heat Recovery and ventilation


We are committed to providing sustainable buildings without compromising on design quality - indeed we believe the two go hand in hand. We are able to integrate a sustainability strategy into the design process from concept stage.


We are able to provide a concept stage feasibility report identifying the most suitable technology for a particular project and offer an idea of the associated costs and likely pay back periods for each option. We keep up to date with the latest government policy and can therefore advise when grant funding, interest free loans and the renewable heat incentive scheme might be available for a project.



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